Physical exercise

Did you know that regular physical exercise benefits our brain? Physical exercise promotes brain plasticity, stimulating communication between neurons, as well as optimize blood and oxygen circulation to the brain. In addition, it has been found that there is a positive relationship in adults between cardiovascular health and cognitive functioning. In this section, you will find some tips on physical exercise and how it can benefit our brain.

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Exercises to sleep better
Physical activity is essential for general health, and one of its great benefits is that it can significantly improve the quality of sleep.
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Exercising and socializing will benefit our brain
Currently, we do not conceive of a society without the regular practice of physical exercise. Although historically it was thought that what determined the practice was a biological factor, it has been shown that it is a generational and lifestyle factor.
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More active people for a healthier world
Regular physical activity is a well-established protective factor for the prevention and treatment of the leading noncommunicable diseases, namely heart disease, stroke, diabetes and breast and colon cancer. It’s also associated with improved mental health, delay in the onset of dementia and improved quality of life and well-being.
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What happens in our body when we exercise?
Physical exercise of adequate intensity activates our sympathetic system and, among many other things, makes our blood begin to circulate rapidly throughout the body and causes a series of chemical substances to be secreted.
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Activities such as yoga can promote psychological well-being
In recent years, a growing number of research studies have been conducted to investigate the effect of certain activities or practices, such as yoga, that have a long tradition in other cultures and, more recently, have become popular in Western societies.
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Do physical exercise regularly
Staying physically active and performing regular physical activity adapted to our abilities is vital for better health and quality of life, increases a sense of self-efficacy and often results in an increase in social relationships.