The project

The Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI) is a research project aimed at learning and understanding how to maintain the health of our brain.
 Promoted by the Institut Guttmann, it is developed under the scientific direction of Dr Álvaro Pascual-Leone, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

A healthy brain

Salut cerebral

Brain health

Developing and preserving neural networks is vital to being able to live in society, maintain autonomy and recover in the event of injury or illness.

Reserva cognitiva

Cognitive research

It values ​​the different response capacities that people have against the same neurological disease.

Plasticitat cerebral

Brain plasticity

It is the ability of the brain to be modified in response to changes in the environment and the circumstances of life.

BBHI videos

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Video explaining the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative
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We investigate the impact of Covid-19 on brain health
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FAQs specific study on the impact of Covid-19 on brain health


What does participating in the BBHI consist of?
To participate, you need to fill in some questionnaires through the website. The questionnaires ask for personal information about your life habits, such as: medical data, physical exercise, diet, socialisation, sleep, cognitive training, and life plan.
The questionnaires are administered periodically and this phase will last until the end of the project.

What is the evaluation phase?
In the evaluation phase, already completed, a group of participants was selected on the basis of their lifestyle habits and general health perception. They were followed up through face-to-face visits, collecting more precise information on their general health status, cognitive function and lifestyle habits.
They also underwent a series of tests, including MRI, electroencephalogram, neuropsychological assessment, physical tests and blood sampling, among others.

What is the intervention phase?
In the intervention phase, already completed, a subgroup of people were offered the possibility of entering a personalised programme to change their habits or lifestyles.
They received personalised guidelines to optimise their lifestyle habits through a coach or personal trainer by telematic means, using an APP.

What are the benefits of participating?

If you participate in the study, you will receive completely free information about the state of your brain health, reflected by the type of habits you perform, and advice on how to improve your brain health.

In addition, you will have helped to better understand what we can do to maintain brain health as the population ages. In other words, you will be part of a research project aimed at improving people's lives, bringing benefits to all individuals in society.

Who will have access to my medical data? How is the personal information I share with you protected?

The data collected in the study will be stored securely and confidentially, in accordance with current regulations. This information will be analyzed solely for scientific purposes, always anonymously, and will never be given to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

What happens if I stop participating in the study before it ends?

If you decide to stop participating in the study, at the time and for the reason you consider appropriate, your data will be permanently deleted from all the project databases if you let us know.

Where will the results be published?

We communicate and disseminate the findings through different channels: the initiative's website, social networks, newsletters and public events. Researchers also present the most relevant results at meetings, conferences and international scientific journals.

Who supports the Barcelona Brain Health Institute study?

The Barcelona Brain Health Initiative is a project led by the Guttmann Institute and which has a multidisciplinary team of professionals.

On the one hand, the scientific leadership of the Harvard University professor, Álvaro Pascual Leone, and the advice of a range of scientists of recognized international prestige, both local and foreign.

In addition, it has the impetus and cooperation of the Research and Knowledge Area of ​​"la Caixa", and the support of the Abertis Foundation and other collaborating companies.

Collaborating entities