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Goretti España defends her doctoral thesis on the relationship between physical activity and brain health

España, currently a researcher in the Computational Neuroscience of Exercise Laboratory at Northeastern University, focused her thesis on the physical activity pillar as a potential factor determining brain health over time.
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BBHI team completes three doctoral theses in 2023

2023 has been an essential year for the BBHI team. Researchers Maria Redondo, Selma Delgado and María Cabello have defended their doctoral theses, developed within the framework of the initiative and culminating a process that will provide key knowledge for a better understanding of the mechanisms that contribute to a better brain health.

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Perfil cognitivo
Novetats en el Guttmann Cognitest: ara pots consultar l’evolució dels teus resultats
L’eina de valoració cognitiva Guttmann Cognitest comença el curs amb novetats. A partir d’ara, els usuaris i usuàries disposaran d’una pàgina on podran consultar l’evolució dels resultats de les seves funcions cognitives al llarg del temps, així com veure els valors del seu perfil cognitiu.
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The BBHI obtains a project from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to study and improve adherence to technology-based interventions to improve lifestyles

The study aims to better understand the factors that influence adherence to lifestyle interventions and create technological tools to improve this adherence.

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A study shows for the first time in healthy people that purpose in life promotes resilience to age-related brain burden in middle-aged adults
Purpose in life has been identified as a protective factor in pathological conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, but until now it has not been investigated whether it promotes resilience in healthy middle-aged adults.