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Tell me how you live and I will tell you what risks you incur as you grow older

A BBHI study analyses for the first time how 9 lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol, socialising or sleeping, combine and tend to cluster in each individual, establishing 5 different profiles of people.
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The Institut Guttmann and the University of Barcelona reinforce their alliance to continue promoting the BBHI

The interdisciplinary team resulting from the alliance, made up of researchers and professionals from different areas, will continue to work on relevant issues such as the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and the promotion of healthy lifestyles for the brain.

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Selma Delgado-Gallén has been awarded the Juan Antonio Micó Prize for the Best Thesis on Pain
Delgado-Gallén was awarded one of the prizes for the Best Thesis on Pain in clinical sciences, for her work Cognitive, emotional and neurobiological aspects in the perception of chronic pain, directed by Dolors Soler, psychologist at the Institut Guttmann, and Gabriele Cattaneo, neuropsychologist and researcher at the BBHI.
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Researcher Ruben Perellón defends his thesis, which identifies biomarkers of brain health using non-invasive methods

Perellón has identified possible biomarkers of brain health that could be neurophysiologically relevant in the context of resilience in stress, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease, using non-invasive and scalable methods such as transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography.

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BBHI team completes three doctoral theses in 2023

2023 has been an essential year for the BBHI team. Researchers Maria Redondo, Selma Delgado and María Cabello have defended their doctoral theses, developed within the framework of the initiative and culminating a process that will provide key knowledge for a better understanding of the mechanisms that contribute to a better brain health.

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