Comprehensive health

Take care of interpersonal relationships

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), chronological age is not an accurate indicator of the changes that accompany ageing. Their effects may vary from one individual to another depending on different factors such as lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors, particularly those related to social aspects. It is necessary to occupy your time and work actively to maintain relationships with friends, family, co-workers, neighbours and acquaintances, both in quantity and quality. This is a significant factor for better cognitive and psychological health. Maintaining an active and extended social network improves the perception of quality of life and can have benefits both psychologically and cognitively in the short and long term. Recommendations for socialisation:
  1. Take care of all social relationships, both the closest and the most distant.
  2. Maintain frequent and constant contact with friends and family. Visit them regularly.
  3. Organise and actively participate in group activities.
  4. Establish and maintain good relationships in the work environment.
  5. Avoid feeling lonely.
  6. Seek contact and support among members of your social network in case of deterioration.
  7. Expand your social network and get involved in society.