Life plan

Set goals and achieve them

Psychological wellbeing is closely related to better emotional health and overall brain health. In this state of wellbeing a person feels good, can develop their capacities, face the daily situations of stress, have satisfactory relationships and work efficiently. In addition to affecting our immune system, negative emotions such as sadness or worry maintained for a long time can affect the proper functioning of the brain and cause the release of hormones, affecting a region of the brain that controls cognitive functions such as memory or spatial attention, among others. In order to be motivated and have energy, a sense of security, self-confidence, tranquillity and self-control, it is recommended to design and follow a life plan (which can vary over time). The first step is to identify what the really important objectives are that will enable us to achieve important goals in life. It is important to live according to our convictions and goals and to pursue our objectives according to our capacities and our limitations. Recommendations for a life plan:
  1. Focus on truly meaningful objectives, values that contribute or achieve important goals in life.
  1. Maintain a positive attitude consistent with your own goals.
  1. Know your own abilities, cultivate them and use them in life.
  1. Consider yourself to be an effective agent for achieving results.
  1. Be aware of and accept your limitations.
  1. Seek satisfaction in what you achieve, irrespective of recognition or external awards.