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Reduce risk factors to prevent dementia

As the age of the world population increases, the number of people living with dementia increases. Today, about 47 million people are affected. A figure that, in addition and according to experts warn, will increase in the coming years, reaching 66 million affected in 2030 and 115 million in 2050. The good news is that many of these cases can be prevented. As concluded by an international study published in The Lancet, up to 35% of cases of dementia could be avoided by modifying nine risk factors associated with general health and lifestyles, among which are: education in the childhood, hearing loss, hypertension and obesity in middle age and smoking, depression, physical inactivity and lack of social contact in advanced stages of life. Therefore it is important to follow a regular medical check that allows us to have under control some of these factors such as tension and obesity or smoking and follow healthy habits that allow us to continue enjoying full brain health as we get older. More information: