The Institut Guttmann and the University of Barcelona reinforce their alliance to continue promoting the BBHI

The Institut Guttmann and the University of Barcelona (UB) have signed a new agreement to strengthen the collaboration of both institutions in the framework of the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative.

The UB has been part of the BBHI since the beginning of the project in 2016. The Principal Investigator of the initiative, David Bartrés-Faz, is Professor of Medical Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the team he leads, within the UB's Institute of Neurosciences, collaborates closely with researchers at the Institut Guttmann on brain health research. The interdisciplinary team resulting from the alliance, made up of researchers and professionals from different areas, will continue to work on relevant issues such as the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and the promotion of healthy lifestyles for the brain.

The collaboration between the UB and the Institut Guttmann allows the exchange of knowledge, resources and advanced technologies to deepen the understanding of brain function and its implications for global health. The new agreement is part of a joint effort by the two institutions to better understand the factors that influence brain health and to develop effective strategies to preserve it.

Both the UB and the Institut Guttmann are committed to research and innovation in the field of brain health, recognising its growing importance in an increasingly ageing society that is also concerned with maintaining overall wellbeing. This agreement reaffirms the will to continue promoting knowledge and practices that contribute to preserving brain health and improving people's quality of life.