Wilman Gonzalías

Logistics at RACC

Wilman Gonzalías
We are in a comfort zone, in an automatic zone. Mentally we do things automatically and we do not pay attention to what really happens during our day. With the 7 brain health pillars we are taught in the project, and with the changes that we are doing, we see what neuroplasticity is; we see that we can change things.

I already went to university, I already lived the time when my daughter was born and grew up and now I could say: «now I do not have anything to do anymore.» On the contrary, now I have many things to do for me.

Everybody has a purpose in life or what they want to do. I already have mine, I am very positive about it and it brings a lot of happiness.

In the surveys that I have done, that I value and do them conscientiously, I realize my mistakes, which are many, and I am correcting them. Regarding nutrition, physical activity and at a cognitive level. So for me it is like an incentive for the life plan I have.

En las encuestas que he hecho, que las valoro, las hago a conciencia cada una, me doy cuenta de mis errores, que son muchísimos, y los estoy corrigiendo. Tanto en alimentación como a nivel físico, a nivel cognitivo, todo. Entonces para mí es como una ayuda para el plan que tengo de vida.