How can we improve the environment where we sleep

Tip written by AdSalutem, BBHI collaborating entity in the field of sleep.

Sleeping positively influences our motivation, emotions and cognitive functioning. We need an adequate environmental environment that favors the conciliation and maintenance of sleep, this will determine its structure and duration.

To achieve a healthy sleep it is important that the room where we sleep and the environment that surrounds us provide a relaxing and quiet situation.

Two important aspects to control are light and noise.

Light, a superficial sleep

The unnecessary light stimulation to which we are subjected plays an important role before and during nighttime sleep.

The light emitted by electronic devices used before going to sleep delays the secretion of melatonin (hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm and sleep, among other functions) with the consequent delay in the onset of sleep, increased alertness and decreased vigilance during the day.

We have to avoid using these devices two hours before the usual sleep schedule.

We also need to keep the bedroom dark.

Sleeping with the light on or with light pollution causes a more superficial and interrupted sleep.

The clocks or devices that we use as alarms have to be programmed and placed in hidden places that do not allow us to see the light they emit.

Noise alters sleep

The environmental noise is relevant in the quality of sleep, causing both subjective and objective alterations in the exposed persons. The World Health Organization (WHO) has documented noise pollution as one of the causes of health deterioration as a result, among other things, of sleep disturbance.

One night exposed to traffic noise above 65dB (measure of the intensity of noise) causes alterations in the phases of sleep causing fatigue, bad mood and decrease in reaction time.

This prolonged situation can be cause of insomnia.

The acoustic insulation of the houses is fundamental for a good quality of sleep.

We also have to make sure that the sleeping environment is quiet and choose the most isolated room in the house.

It is important to disconnect devices that can make noise during the night and interrupt sleep.

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