Activities to avoid if you want a healthy sleep

Tip on sleep elaborated by AdSalutem, BBHI collaborating entitity.

Do you toss and turn in bed a lot because you cannot sleep? You have probably been using your computer or your mobile phone just before going to sleep or you have not yet digested your dinner.

1. Watching television and using computers and mobile phones
There is no worse habit before going to sleep than checking your mobile. Not only because the screen causes an overexposure to light, but also for what you are consulting: checking your e-mail or work tools will not help you to disconnect. Similarly, watching television before bedtime is also not advisable because its images, lighting and sound are very stimulating.

2. Going to sleep right after dinner
The body needs a few hours to digest food. It is usually advisable to have dinner around two hours before your expected bedtime. If you go to sleep right after dinner it may be difficult for you to fall asleep or you may even feel bad. Also, the more you eat before going to sleep, the harder it is to get to sleep. Therefore, the most abundant and high calorie meals should be breakfast and lunch. Also you should avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine during dinner, and you should not smoke.

3. Having the phone on
The phone’s radiation can affect the quality of your sleep, so you should put it in flight mode or, preferably, turn it off at least half an hour before going to bed. Use a digital alarm clock that allows you to do without your mobile or other internet-connected devices beside your bed. Sleeping close to them can make it difficult to sleep and/or make you wake up feeling tired.

4. Going for a run before sleeping
Doing sport is a basic activity for everyone. However, you should not do it just before going to bed, as it can disturb your sleep. It is advisable to exercise before dinnertime, between three and four hours before your expected bedtime.

5. Getting up at different times
Going to sleep on a Monday at midnight, on a Tuesday at 10 p.m. and on a Wednesday at 2 a.m. is not recommended. Nor is getting up at different times. You should always sleep around eight hours, going to bed and getting up at a fixed time, and not think about catching up on sleep at weekends, since it is a question of sleeping the same hours whenever possible.

6. Bad sleeping posture
Surely you have heard more than once how pediatricians recommend that children should not sleep on their stomach to avoid breathing problems. In the case of adults, a comfortable position is recommended; always face up, either with your back fully supported on the mattress or on your side. If the body is placed in an uncomfortable position, the muscles cannot relax and remain in constant tension, so falling asleep and staying asleep will be a challenge.


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