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Tips on Nutrition

Did you know that what you eat can influence the functioning and protection of your brain? A balanced and healthy diet is essential for our overall health and also for good cognitive functioning. In this section, you will find some tips about nutrition and how it can benefit our brain.
The leek and its benefits 27/05/2019

“Tip elaborated by Ametller Origen, BBHI collaborating entity in the field of nutrition”. The leek is part of the garlic and onion family. We can find leeks all year round, but they are a winter vegetable that is very resistant to cold, which is when they have a more intense flavor and a larger size.

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Cruciferous, vegetables of the Mediterranean diet 27/05/2019

“Tip elaborated by Ametller Origen, BBHI collaborating entity in the field of nutrition”. Cruciferous vegetables are mainly harvested during the winter season and are famous for providing beneficial substances for health.

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Orange, associated with added protection against stroke 29/01/2019

The orange is a fruit that belongs to the great citrus fruit family. It is originally from China and is grown in the winter and fall seasons. To obtain the maximum nutrients it is recommended to consume the whole orange because, if consumed as juice, the pulp containing the fiber is not ingested.

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Water’s Importance for Brain Health 19/12/2018

"Tip written by Sodexo, collaborating company with the BBHI." We all know that water is one of the most important nourishments or nutrients, and not surprisingly it is for our brains as well.

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During the holidays, do not abuse sugar 22/12/2017

Sugar, in the form of glucose, is one of the most important energy resources for the activity of the cells of our body, in general, and for the cells of the brain, the neurons. This organ consumes approximately 20% of the energies that are derived from the sugar of the whole organism.

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Reducing your salt intake helps prevent strokes 06/09/2017

Salt is the main source of sodium in our diet. In addition to the salt we use for cooking or seasoning, many of the processed foods that we buy contain a high amount of salt.

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Walnuts help to prevent age-related cognitive decline 06/04/2017

Eating nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as it improves cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

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Follow a Mediterranean diet 07/03/2017

The Mediterranean diet is a food model recognised as the most balanced and healthy diet by the international scientific community. This was stated by UNESCO when it included it in the list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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