Tomàs Molina


Tomàs Molina
My most important healthy lifestyle habit to stay well mentally is to have challenges. I like getting excited about things. Having the challenge of always wanting to know about my work, of wanting to be interested and always looking for things to do in the future, that makes me stay awake and helps me keep my brain vibrant.

I have lived with this reality. In my house, nearly everyone has had mental difficulties in old age. It’s likely that I’ll have to go through the same somehow. If there is anything I’ve learned from this reality that has accompanied me is that I have to keep my brain active and the more the better. If I continue doing exercise, doing intellectual gymnastics, maybe it will take me longer to reach that loss of brain capability.

We can also participate. It is often through small surveys, small things that we are asked to do in our day to day. This does not cost a lot to do, and it can bring important solutions for many people. So, if it doesn’t cost anything, we can help.