Sergi Cutillas

Sound technician

Sergi Cutillas
Travelling is one of the things I really like because it makes me discover new things. And I think it is food for the brain.

I work in a radio station and every day you see different guests. They explain different things to you so if you are attentive it is a very gratifying work in that sense. You’re also feeding, feeding your brain.

Every day we cover a different theme and that is extremely enriching.

I am very Mediterranean and I really like talking to people. If there is a guest and I have to talk after the interview about the topic I love interrelating with the other person.

I think it is important to do more studies on this subject because the brain is the great unknown. It has always been said that we use very little of our brain to do everything we do daily.

We all want to age well. We all want to have good brain health when we are old. We know that it always deteriorates and it is very important that we all collaborate in this type of initiative.