Rosa Martí


Rosa Martí
I still have illusions, I do not feel the age I am. They say I am that old but deep down I feel about 60.

When I was 60, I said: “Well, the household is over”, and I started doing yoga, going to the woman’s school at the Provincial Council to paint, make flowers and to iron. I finished a course and started another.

I walk a lot, I have always eaten everything, I like everything. Now I am a bit fussier.

I usually go to bed at 10 and wake up at 8.

What I do not like, I try not to do to others. Because I am sure they would not like it either.

I have had friends, few, but good ones.

And sometimes they tell me: “You shouldn’t complain” “Well I’m not complaining, for what reason do I have to complain?”

And we have not invented a way to take years away, so here we are.

And what have you done to get here? Oh, me? Live and be happy.