Robirosa & Solozabal

Sports commentator

Jordi Robirosa
The truth is that on a physical level I am not as good as Nacho, that’s the truth. He has been an elite athlete and I have not. But what I do try to do, now that we are talking about memory and cognition, and what it is very important for me is to keep the brain extremely active. How do I do it? Reading a lot and, for example, I have one thing that helps me a lot which is trying to speak and read in different languages, every day. It is very important for the brain, to have an open mind.

In basketball, they move very fast and we have to be fast and precise and analyze things very quickly like Nacho does. We have to know how to say it quickly but also to be very accurate.

Nacho Solozabal

Often in sport, much importance is given to the physical part and perhaps a little more to the mental part, the part of concentration. And, of course, given what society is like today, the issue of controlling brain health will become more and more important because I think there will be an increase in brain and mental illnesses.

Jordi Robirosa

I would be scared of not being able in the future to do things mentally that I do now. That is why I’ll do whatever it takes, whatever it takes, to try and maintain a similar level of brain activity to what I have now.