Rafael Jofresa

Former basketball player

Rafael Jofresa
Rest is essential so that the brain can recover and the body can recover from daily activity. A good diet, what we understand by a Mediterranean diet. Exercise the brain with reading and by always being active in some way and having goals.

Being able to have your body in good condition and, in some way, to guide it towards a state of wellbeing is always good for you.

I think it’s important to have someone, a coach, a trainer, who guides  you and even motivates you to do all this.

I would tell people to participate in this type of project because it means that through research we can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and that we can reach an advanced age, those of us who get there, in better condition, with better wellbeing.

Personally, I will participate. And the truth is that I’m very interested in doing so in order to know myself a little and to help find solutions, or all possible solutions, to diseases that may exist.