Núria Silvestre


Núria Silvestre
Some of the things that the study explains to us maybe I already knew them, they were familiar to me. But what I like a lot, and what it gives me, is that it has a scientific basis and I see that it is a rigorous thing, studied, thought … and this, I think, is very important.

I am a teacher and I think I am lucky to have people in front of me who I could explain these benefits that, in the end, are for everyone, and I think it is very important.

Have I changed a habit? Yes, well, I try. I have tried because in the study we are told that we must follow a Mediterranean, balanced diet and, perhaps, reduce a little the use of red meat. Do not eliminate it totally, but reduce it. And in this sense, yes, I have changed this. I have reduced it a little.  I didn’t eat too much, but I have tried to do it.

And also eat nuts. I did not do it before. As we are told that the omega that nuts provide us is very important, I have also changed it.

I feel happy, if you know what I mean, of being able to contribute, with all my fellow volunteers, with my participation that can favor not only us but the whole society. And this makes me feel very happy.