Music and actress

We musicians and actors also have the privilege of having to exercise our memories a lot because we have to plan, we have to organise a lot of material we work with, we have to memorise it, and we have to perform it.

Before a live concert, whether in a television studio or on a stage, it is not so much a matter of what you do just before doing what you are going to do, but what you do every day of your life. Whether it’s walking, swimming, doing Pilates, doing yoga … This makes things happen internally that are transmitted to the public.

While we are alive, we will not stop learning. And this is very important for older people to know. It is important that we tell our mothers. That we explain it to her, that she understands it. And that she doesn’t throw in the towel.

I have long wondered how I want to reach the age of 80. I want to be autonomous, I want to be in physical health and brain health and so I’m preparing for that. Therefore, everything I can do, and that contributes, towards being in the physical and cerebral state I want to have when I am 80, I have to do it now.