Mònica Terribas


Monica Terribas
Every day we do exercises to prioritize what is more important for us, and I think that is an exceptional training for the brain.

It is very unhealthy to sleep only a few hours. It is the least healthy habit I have. When I wake up, I do half an hour of exercise. And I’m quite disciplined about doing it every day because it is a way to really wake my body up. No matter how awake your brain is, if your body does not accompany it, if your body is not yet switched on, it does not work the same way.  And I know that from experience.

If we don’t know very well how the brain works, we won’t be able to cure most of the diseases that really invalidate us as a collective.

All the research that is being done in this field will make us better.

Do you know what I am most excited about when I get older? When I am not in a hurry to work anymore? Being able to read and getting excited by learning. To continue learning. And I think that one of the wonderful things about our elderly people who now live longer and have worked hard is that they can enjoy good brain health because a healthy brain is what will give them the possibility to continue learning from life and to continue being excited about things. And to continue seeing the world through the eyes of others.