Justo Molinero

Radio show host

Justo Molinero
Whatever is a healthy habit I’ll take it up. And I recommend everyone to do the same.

Reading, or playing chess or parchis is also a very nice activity. It is fundamental because it makes your brain work.

I remember that my mother … my mother died at the age 92 … that she used to read a couple of books every month and had a lot of activity with the neighbours. And she could remember, she had a better memory than I did. And I have to follow the advice she gave me. Always stay connected, always talk with others, have relationships with people, that is fundamental for your memory.

If you don’t look after yourself, don’t expect anyone else to look after you. So, of course we have to collaborate, of course we have to motivate, of course we have to contribute however  we can so they can keep investigating.

We have to have a good memory.

Oh, now I don’t remember. Oh yes, I remember now. We have to collaborate!