Josep Cuní


Josep Cuní
I have the feeling that I live permanently connected to the present so that nothing escapes me. To learn as much as possible from everything that happens, from everything I feel, from everything explained to me.

I need to learn permanently but, above all, as in my work I talk to lots of people every day, what I try to do is listen.

One thing I’ve learned recently is to switch off. It’s something I didn’t know how to do. I didn’t know how to sit on a terrace in a tourist spot and observe, simply observe.

The more we know, the richer we all are as a society.

Collaborating and participating in initiatives, in scientific investigations, in any field, is very important to help science to move forward.

Obviously, if the investigations are about the functioning of the brain, which we increasingly know more about but continue knowing very little about considering what it represents, I welcome this participation and I encourage everyone to participate.