Jordi Gatnau


Jordi Gatnau
As a result of the study, what I have tried to do is to modify my eating patterns. In fact, I now eat more vegetables, more fish, I’ve stopped eating cakes and pastries and, to a certain extent, oils too, for example, I control how much I eat them a little bit.

All this combined with a bit of exercise, not too extreme but regular. You feel … you can feel an improvement.  A continuous improvement.

In fact I’ve lost six kilos in the last six months. I think that’s a lot.

And one of the consequences that have I noticed is that at bedtime I go to sleep faster. It used to take me  a little while. Now I go to sleep faster and I get up more energized.  I think that is important.

Following these guidelines, the truth is that I feel much better. Not just me but my environment too. It helps a little, my well-being helps the well-being of the people around me and this is what I am looking for. You can’t always get it but that’s the goal, and that’s why I want to continue.

I like following the guidelines and being part of this group as well. Because I think it’s important to feel part of a group and if it’s a group that is trying to improve one’s own life and that of others, it is very welcome.