Jordi Basté


Jordi Basté
Having a daily programme of six hours is a challenge for my brain, among other things because it is not just the six-hour programme but the 24 hours that my brain and I are working together. And, at the same time, we are very stressed.

I believe that to maintain this tension I don´t have to think that I have this tension. That is, continue reading, continue observing, continue distracting myself, and continue living.

Many people may think that with my timetable I do not have healthy habits. But I do. I go to the gym every day, and if I do not go to the gym I walk for 45-50 minutes or 1 hour. I eat pretty well. For example at dinner, I eat little.

I try to lead a life typical of people my age.

In this life, when we talk about life we ​​talk a lot about the heart, we talk a lot about the stomach. And we talk very little about the brain.

I believe that this study will be important for a reason, first to discover ourselves. Because very often the brain is the organ in our body that we least think exists. And I think it’s about time we give it the importance it deserves. And it will be key. Let’s do it.