Toni Tió

Logistics manager

Toni Tió
I’m a person who eats everything, not large quantities but I eat a bit of everything. And I make up for it by doing a lot of sport every day. And it’s a way to compensate for that extra bit of chorizo you have or that sausage or those fried eggs, and all that stuff.

I’m a person who is always in the street, walking up and down. In short, I try to move around.

I am now finishing my working life and now my project is to fill the time that I won´t be busy anymore, and fill it with other things. A lot of it is already occupied with sport and I have to look for other things.

I have signed up to the brain health study, not so much thinking of myself because the truth is that I had not thought about it, but thinking of the tests that will be done to me which could later serve to  help other people get better. I think it’s a good thing and it’s a good goal.

I think it is worth signing up. It’s a way to collaborate that costs nothing and if this serves to improve the lives of people who have certain problems and, who knows, tomorrow maybe even we ourselves, then I think it’s worth participating  and I would invite you to do it.