Joel Joan

Actor/Film director

Joel Joan
Healthy living habits, which ones do I have?

I try to eat well. I try to eat vegetables, fibre, a little bit of meat but not too much. I was a big meat eater before. I go everywhere by bike. Since I turned 40 I’ve been trying to recover my lost youth and what I used to do on a motorcycle I now do by bike.

I’m a theatre actor. And that means you have to learn texts constantly, whether you want to or not. It makes you memorise. When you do a monologue of an hour and a half, people say: “How can you keep all that inside your head?” And yes, it’s spectacular and it’s a good exercise to keep your memory fresh and you can do it, it’s an exercise. It’s a muscle that you need to work on, and if you keep working, one day everything is in your head.

For me brain health is, above all, happiness. That is, feeling good about yourself and enjoying things and being happy.

We have discovered very important things and we know much more about the brain than 100 years ago, but it still continues to be the great unknown. The day we manage to decipher the brain, that day we will reach the limits of the universe.