Helena Garcia Melero


Helena Garcia Melero
It’s a challenge because I have to be focused, I have to concentrate on what I am doing.

You have to be alert, you have to be rested and attentive and, above all, be prepared.

I have the feeling that, although it may seem paradoxical, doing exercise may tire me physically but, at the same time, it gives me a lot of energy and makes me more able to assimilate things. That’s my perception. It might be wrong, but that’s what I feel.

Life expectancy is increasing all the time. We live longer, we are more able to extend our lives and it’s a question, above all, of having a very lucid mind to live all these years with the best quality of life.

It is a project of hope for the future, of a better quality of life for all and, in the end, it is a solidarity project which benefits everyone, so everyone should participate.