Ferran Adrià


Ferran Adrià
Walk a lot, above all, and eat little and a bit of everything, very varied.

You have to take care of yourself. You can drink a glass of alcohol, a glass of wine, but not 10 glasses.

Food is the most complex experience there is – sensation, perception. All this makes it super complex. It is one of the things we study here.

I don’t like cooking very much, I like to create. And I use cooking as a challenge, a challenge to create. What I like is to look for the limits and see what there is beyond.

What fascinates me is that we humans can still do so many new things.

Research should be part of our DNA.

The brain is fascinating. Surely, in medicine, it is the least known thing. Now there are the necessary tools so it can be properly studied.

Unfortunately, I have the example of my partner, Juli, who died of frontotemporal dementia and when we went the doctor, he told us: “Look, we know very little about all this.”

In the last four or five years, I have seen that there are many advances and that is wonderful.

We will all be old one day and if we do not give the resources to do research, we might not be so well when we get there.