Emma Cots


Emma Cots
What I like most about this project is when I receive new questionnaires because they make me think about new things. For example, the one of the vital plan, having objectives in life, it makes you consider it. Or the one of physical exercise, maybe you have to do more than what you do. Or the nutrition one, you realize that you eat more meat than recommended and that you should eat more fruit.

I also like it because I’m discovering new things like, for example, mindfulness, which I did not know before. And after reading a story on the website, I discovered that it is a practice that I can incorporate and that it can do well to me.

Yes, I am realizing that I am incorporating small changes to my daily life, such as having dinner two hours before going to sleep or practicing sports three times a week, which are recommendations that I have read on the BBHI website.