Carme Ruscalleda


Carme Ruscalleda
The key to our diet keeping us healthy over the years is not to abandon the cultural diet of the place where we were born. So let’s remember, how did our great-grandparents eat? Adapt it to the present, and it will benefit us and we will remain much more healthy and more physically active.

We are what we eat, how we move and what we feel.

We need to think that to stay active, the fuel our body needs has to be fresh, it must be good. So spend some time thinking about what you will eat, where you will buy it, how you will cook it.

It is important not to lose the desire to continue learning and cooking is a good tool. I love cooking, and I enjoy just thinking about how I will eat it.

Maintaining your concentration when you are cooking keeps you active, both in mind and in your agility, and you will become a creative person because you will discover the talent to do new things, and then the enjoyment of sharing.

Let’s try to make it our goal to do something that motivates us to learn, that motivates us to discover something new. We will be excited and this excitement will keep us young and strong.

Obviously, the heart is the centre but without the brain, our computer, it does not work. Let’s try to take care of it because it really is the reason for everything.