Carme Jo

Fashion designer

Carme Jo
I’m very interested in all trends, to know everything new, you know? My future makes me very excited, but of course, if I do not work the brain.

I had a lot of memory and now I’m losing a little bit and I thought this would be a help and that from here I’ll learn.

I think that as long as I live all the stages have to be great.

These days I have been thinking that they are like three stages: the first stage is the sowing. Sowing with knowledge, sowing with …, studying or working, with children, having children.

The second is the cultivating. You have to keep it and cultivate it.

And the third is enjoying and managing it. And managing means everything. The body, this body, we have it for life. What if my body fails, and if my head fails? I think it’s very important to have everything in shape. Therefore it is important the food you eat, it is important that you nourish your head, by reading, watching movies, museums …

I hope to learn how to better work on the brain, how to work on memory, and how to optimize the capabilities I have, and I hope to increase them.