Antoni Bassas


Antoni Bassas
Lately, I’ve got into meditation after hearing thousands of interviews with people talking about the benefits of getting up and getting going mentally before you get going physically.

As I’ve got older, I’ve learned that your health, and also your brain health, is not a bottomless well, and that a lot of the reserves you have left depend on the use you make of your brain now.

Enjoy for enjoyment’s sake, enjoy conversation, socialising. I have even disciplined myself to watch TV. Go outside and go for a walk for the pleasure of walking and observing.

The brain is invisible and we certainly do not value the extraordinary importance it has.

My mother died of Parkinson’s. I saw she was losing it cognitively. It began with a certain disinterest in the outside world, just staying at home and always being glued to the television for hours and hours. And this has made me think about how I need to feel alive, but not only that my legs and my arms and my back are in good shape. That’s also is important, because everything nourishes everything, but so is being in good mental shape.

What I would say to people is that almost all scientific advances have started with trial and error and from testing, and that’s why they need groups of people.

We all have a brain and we all have some experience. We can all say how are, what we do and how we hope to be in the future.