Alex Corretja

Former tennis player

Alex Corretja
My healthy lifestyle habits are to do sport, always, at least four or five times a week. I run, I cycle, I play paddle tennis, occasionally I also play tennis, and I go to the gym. And I also take good care of my diet. I’ve always done it because when I was an elite athlete I had to control my diet and I also like doing it now.

I always have projects in my head. I always have things that I’m excited about. I try to help youngsters to be better tennis players. When I work as a commentator, it’s very important for me to transmit to people what is happening on the court, it always keeps you active.

For me, having a coach is basic, for everything. You get a little lost in questions of diet, as you probably don’t understand as much as a specialist. There must always be someone to guide you a little, to help you, to push you when you are finding things a little hard.

The brain is everything. We need to have a lot of knowledge about what we have here inside because it’s what controls everything. The more we are, the more it will benefit not only yourself but also others.

The more people there are who give their ideas and participate in this type of project, the more knowledge there will be for all.