Albert Llovera

Rally pilot

Albert Llovera
When I compete, it’s what makes me always be very focused on what I’m doing. I always go very fast. The Dakar is complicated because of the different temperatures. The distances are very long and you can’t get distracted. You have to be active.

To keep your brain active and so you can grow old well, I suppose that one of the things that would be really good would be to read a lot, to have as many thoughts as possible, whether they are good or bad, to make the brain work.

Looking to the future, what worries me a lot is having brain problems. That really worries me. Because I believe that within my whole body, or everyone’s, the brain is the part that we need to continue to function well all our life. I will try to be active my whole life.

And I think that between us all we can give value. Everyone can bring their information to this study, it’s important. Because this is a study for everyone. For our children and our grandchildren surely. So, if we can improve our brains, that is what will give us a quality of life in the long run and I think that, between us all, we can do this work.