Do cognitive training exercises during confinement!

Doing cognitively stimulating activities is important for our brain health. In fact, this constitutes one of the pillars for brain health and we are already finalizing an App that will include cognitive training and that we hope to make available to volunteers very soon.

In addition to BBHI’s own activities, the Institut Guttmann, in collaboration with the ICA Group, has decided to offer the possibility of accessing an adaptation of its GNPT® platform for cognitive training free of charge to carry out exercises in sessions of approximately duration 30 minutes, three times a week for up to 8 weeks.

Increased perception of stress

In situations such as those we are experiencing because of the confinement by COVID-19, our brain often focuses on problems or questions that are beyond our capacity to act or for which we cannot find answers. When this happens, the perception of stress increases and the ability to face the challenges we face in managing daily activities is reduced. Furthermore, these stressful situations can end up negatively influencing our brain health, triggering new problems or diminishing our ability to resist other problems in the future.

Cognitive training can be a good option to focus and direct our attention, at least for a period of time, towards cognitively stimulating activities that challenge our ability to think, help us to have an active mind and to function better in our daily life, optimizing the resources of our brain. That is, cognitive training can help minimize the impact on your brain health that this situation of stress, anxiety and isolation caused by confinement can represent.

You can access the platform through this link: