“Lead by example. What you do influences others.”

The BBHI scientific director, Álvaro Pascual-Leone, spoke yesterday about the qualities of a good leader and what neurobiology can teach us about leadership. The debate took place in the framework of the activites that the Health and Economy Commission of the Sociedad Económica Barcelonesa de Amics del País organizes at its headquarters in Barcelona.

Leadership is an inevitable human reality. We are all leaders of others and, therefore, we all have a responsibility to improve our leadership capabilities,” said Pascual-Leone.

In this sense, neurobiology reveals that this is possible and offers us relevant information on how to achieve it. It is essential to maintain brain health throughout life, making the brain more resistant to changes and challenges that may appear. It is not about maintaining a ‘young’ brain but about having a vibrant and optimal brain for our age.

Qualities of the leader

According to neurobiology, the three most important qualities of a good leader are: creativity, example and humanity.

“Guide, lead by example. Everything we do influences others. And what others do influences us,” said Pascual-Leone. In addition, he added that to be a better leader, you have to do physical and mental exercise as part of the routine as well as behave with humanity.

He also stressed that the health of our brain depends on things that can be modified and that it can be predicted from life habits related to six pillars: vital plan, socialization, nutrition, sleep, cognitive training and physical exercise.