Institut Guttmann y Biocat organizan el foro “Brain Health for Life”

Institut Guttmann has been selected to organize the Brain Health for Life Forum within the framework of the European project “New Frontiers in Healthcare Innovation”. This forum, which will be held on December 15 and 16 in online format, is part of the XXXII Technical Conference of the Institut Guttmann on the occasion of its 55th anniversary.

This year, 2020, the Institut Guttmann celebrates its 55th anniversary and in these XXXII Technical Conference, with the collaboration of the Banking Foundation “la Caixa”, Biocat and the Institut de Neurociències of the University of Barcelona, we want to create an environment for debate and networking that helps the generation and exchange of new knowledge related to brain health. What can we do to improve our brain health and live better? How can we promote the resilience and reserve of the brain to achieve this? Analyze, together with renowned researchers, what modifiable lifestyles influence brain health and how we can develop personalized interventions using technologies to make these interventions more efficient, ecological, sustainable, fun and turning them into clinical services of the 21st century focused on person.

Brain Health context

Brain diseases represent a major global threat for human public health and the sustainability of human societies, representing already the main cause of disability throughout human life. One of four people in the world suffers from neurological, psychiatric, mental and cerebral disabilities. In ten years, nearly 30% of a population of healthy adults aged between 40 and 65 will be diagnosed with a disabling brain disease.

We need a different, two-pronged approach to address this challenge: instead of trying to treat diseases, we need to focus on promoting brain health, educate and empower the public to adopt lifelong healthy lifestyles in order to minimize the risk of developing psychiatric and neurological diseases. In parallel, we need to gain a deeper understanding of brain resilience and its mechanisms, to be able to design interventions to promote it and delay the onset of clinical manifestations of disease and the consequent disability.

Here, we aim to promote a global ecosystem that engages multiple relevant stakeholders, brings together and adds value to existing efforts, disseminates knowledge, educates and empowers the public, and grows the leaders of tomorrow by analyzing modifiable lifestyles as nutrition, sleep, exercise, social or psychological factors, among others, and promoting brain resilience and reserve.

This event will be entirely celebrated online (with the possibility of face-to-face participation if the current COVID19 situation is safe) and free of charge.

Registration and  participation

Registration for the Short Couse is open. Register here!
Deadline to submit your abstract to be selected for the pitching session of the innovation track: October 30. Submit here!