How exercise benefits our brain

After 40 years the size of the brain is reduced by around 5% per decade, according to experts. But there is a way to mitigate the effects of atrophy associated with age on the brain’s functional capacity.

Medicine has discovered that another of the innumerable effects of exercise and sports practice on our health can directly and favorably influence our brain, one of the fundamental ‘engines’ of its functioning.

Álvaro Pascual-Leone explains in an interview with Infosalus that when we exercise and, for example, we go for a run, or walk quickly 15 minutes, this continuous and maintained exercise makes the activity in certain areas of the brain better structured. “I am doing an exercise whose greatest benefit is not that my heart is stronger, but that my brain is healthier and can take better care of the needs of the rest of my internal organs,” said this specialist.

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