El BBHI participates at the 5th Provence Summer Workshop

BBHI researcher Javier Solana presented this week  the solution developed for the multimodal intervention phase: the mobile application that allows the monitoring of life habits and cognitive training at the 5th Provence Summer Workshop.

The technological solution has just finished its development and is ready for the first tests.

“This first technological and functional validation will be carried out during this 2019, and the comments and recommendations received will be very useful to improve the solution that will finally be used in the intervention,” says Solana.

Coaching, positive effect

The multimodal intervention phase aims to validate that coaching (having a personal “coach”) has a positive effect as people adopt new habits of healthy living. The proposed technological solution allows to carry out this coaching process in a more effective and efficient way.

The 5th Provence Summer Workshop has explored these days how the latest developments in digital technologies are transforming our understanding and focus towards human cognition and behavior.



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