Delusions and psychosis, among the effects of coronavirus on the brain

The neurological disorders caused by covid are more related to the response of the human body than to the entry of the virus into the body.

British researchers created a unit last March focused on detecting and studying cases of covid with neurological problems. Although it is a respiratory disease, its impact is being seen to go far beyond the lungs and airways. The work has focused on 43 patients. They did not pretend to know how many of the sick end up having the affected brain. Its objective was to identify the alterations and disorders that it is causing.

Their first results, published yesterday in the journal Brain, show a broad spectrum of coronavirus impacts on the brain. The authors of this follow-up have classified them into five categories: encephalopathies with delusions and psychosis such as that of the 55-year-old woman, inflammatory processes in the central nervous system, strokes such as stroke, neurological disorders in the peripheral nervous system and a last group that they do not know how to classify. What they have not seen is that there is a relationship between the degree of severity of the covid and the appearance of neurological problems.

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