Did you know that your brain needs to rest in order to process learning? Having good rest is associated with better cognitive function and less brain atrophy in advanced ages. Recent studies indicate that excessive sleep can also be associated with increased cognitive impairment. In this section, you will find some tips on rest and how it can benefit our brains.

Activities to avoid if you want a healthy sleep 07/03/2019

Do you toss and turn in bed a lot because you cannot sleep? You have probably been using your computer or your mobile phone just before going to sleep or you have not yet digested your dinner.

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Follow a sleep routine: 7 steps before going to bed 05/03/2018

Often we follow a series of habits that prevent good rest and that we should avoid. There are several activities that we can incorporate, instead, routinely to achieve a healthy sleep.

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How can we improve the environment where we sleep 21/11/2017

Sleeping positively influences our motivation, emotions and cognitive functioning. We need an adequate environmental environment that favors the conciliation and maintenance of sleep, this will determine its structure and duration.

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Sleep is vital to the aging brain 19/10/2017

The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) is an independent collaborative, created to provide trusted information on how you can maintain and improve your brain health. Its overriding goal is to help people apply the latest scientific insights to boost their cognitive health and live their best lives.

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What we eat and when we eat it affects our sleep 17/07/2017

Good sleep is necessary for our physical and mental well-being and it provides us with better rest, which benefits our cognitive ability.

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Sleep hygiene 07/03/2017

Quality sleep has an impact on our physical, mental and emotional health, and brings many benefits: production or maintenance of muscle mass, increased ability of the immune system to fight infections, enhanced concentration, learning and memory and improved mood.

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