Life plan

Did you know that people who appreciate positive experiences have a more fulfilling life and are less likely to suffer from depression? Studies show that people who live their life fully, feeling that it has a purpose, objectives and directionality, have better cognitive function and are less likely to develop dementia. In this section, you will find some tips about designing a life plan and how it can benefit your brain.

Positivity and optimism might protect against cognitive decline 24/01/2019

The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) is an independent collaborative, created to provide trusted information on how you can maintain and improve your brain health. Its overriding goal is to help people apply the latest scientific insights to boost their cognitive health and live their best lives.

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Mindfulness: improved attention, emotional regulation and self-awareness 27/10/2017

The word “mindfulness”, derived from the word "sati" in the Pali language formerly spoken in India, represents a concept that can primarily be defined as the capacity to be conscious and to be focused on the present, the here and now.

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Having purposes in life helps prevent the development of cognitive decline and dementia 03/07/2017

In recent years a line of neuroscience has focused on exploring the relationship between mind and body and how there are spiritual, emotional and social factors that can have direct effects on health.

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Set goals and achieve them 07/03/2017

Psychological wellbeing is closely related to better emotional health and overall brain health. In this state of wellbeing a person feels good, can develop their capacities, face the daily situations of stress, have satisfactory relationships and work efficiently.

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