Cognitive training

Did you know that engaging in stimulating mind-challenging activities helps optimize our brain’s resources to prevent or delay the onset of disease? People who have engaged in cognitively stimulating activities throughout their life are less likely to manifest dementia. In this section, you will find some tips about cognitive activities and how they can benefit our brain function.

Healthy aging requires you to challenge your brain 28/08/2018

The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) is an independent collaborative, created to provide trusted information on how you can maintain and improve your brain health.

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4 tricks to rev up your memory 23/03/2018

We all have moments of forgetfulness about where we put the keys, why we walked into a room, or what an object is called. Most likely, this reflects age-related changes in thinking skills.

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Learning new skills to improve some cognitive functions in aging 13/10/2017

Throughout our life, our brain changes constantly, developing new neurons and connections between them. This ability of our brain to change and adapt is known as brain plasticity.

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Perform activities such as chess to improve some cognitive functions 17/05/2017

In the last decades,  brain fitness, a concept born in the USA which advocates training the brain, has emerged. It includes all leisure and daily activities that keep the mind active and can be cognitively stimulating.

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Cognitive training for preventing cognitive decline 07/03/2017

For the maintenance of a good level of intellectual functions (attention, orientation, memory, language, to cite some of the most relevant) current research has established the importance of cognitive training as primary prevention against cognitive deterioration and its progression.

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