BBHI participates in AAIC 2020

Researchers from the BBHI brain health project of the Institut Guttmann and “la Caixa” Foundation participate once again in the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2020 (AAIC), which this year is held virtually between July 27 and 31.

Researcher Gabriele Cattaneo presents some of the preliminary results derived from the specific study that the project has been doing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic since March.

“Having been infected, having a sick family member, and fear of infecting yourself or a family member; as well as the perceived quality of life, and the feeling of loneliness during confinement, are factors related to a worsening of mental health ”, explained Cattaneo.

Furthermore, personal characteristics such as optimism, creativity and positive thinking about difficulties reduce the impact of these stressors.

Posters presentation

On the other hand, the researcher Goretti España presents two posters: one on the relationship between physical activity and intracortical inhibition; and another on the relationship between cardiovascular fitness, cardiovascular risk factors and brain health.

“The results suggest that modifiable healthy lifestyle habits that promote better physical performance (such as exercising) and that reduce cardiovascular risk (proper diet, etc.), can help prolong brain health and prevent cognitive decline,” España says.

Besides, researcher Vanessa Alviárez presents a poster of the validation of a memory test (Face name association task) in the Spanish population and Catherine Pachón the preliminary validation of the application for Cognitest cognitive assessment.

Preliminary results show that the “Guttmann Cognitest” ® app has good psychometric properties and is suitable for evaluating cognitive functions in large samples.

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) is the largest and most influential international conference on the science of dementia, bringing together researchers and doctors from around the world each year to present the latest studies and developments on dementia.

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Posters presented:

  • Regular physical activity is associated with greater cortical inhibition in middle-aged adults: findings from Barcelona Brain Health Initiative.
  • Modifiable factors, cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiovascular risk are associated with cognitive and structural brain health in midlife: Results from the BBHI
  • Validation and normative data of the Spanish version of the Face-Name Association Exam, findings from the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative
  • “Guttmann Cognitest”®, Preliminary validation of an app to test cognitive performance”